Monday, July 28, 2014

This Summer's Heating Up!

It's Show Time! A Friday night taping of Young & Hungry
 June and July found this girlonset working on a bright and fun new sitcom for ABC Family called "Young & Hungry." I started out my career in costuming on a sitcom and it was great to be back! Sitcoms tend to be a lighter in all aspects: shopping, returns, pick-ups, and working hours. I had an awesome team to work with on this show, that was headed by the beautiful and stylish costume designer  Jessica Replansky. Jessica started costuming on "Sex and the City" and has since designed "Sex and the City 2," "Shake it Up," and "Austin and Ally." 
This summer you couldn't walk through any mall in Los Angeles (and probably in the US) without seeing the promo for the show. Below are just a few. The show stars Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero, Elliot Park, and Kim Whitley. Check out the show on Thursday nights this summer on ABC Family!
Our wardrobe room wasn't always this spotless...
Santa Monica Place Mall
The Grove
Part of the dream team
 Since wrapping on the first season for Young & Hungry, I began working on a western movie. We are still shooting, so title and pictures to come! Below is just a teaser of our amazing sets at Ventura Farms in Westlake.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer in the City

When you are the uber famous costume designer of Mad Men, you get a sweet parking spot at a costume house
 After finishing up Franklin and Bash in May, (stay tuned, the series will be back August 13th on TNT!) I have been jumping from job to job. It's been great! I got to work with the amazing, wonderful, talented, award winning costume designer Lou Eyrich (Glee, Nip Tuck) on the new Season 4 of American Horror Story. We did research at Western Costume for the new top secret theme of the show and put together the mood/inspiration boards for the costumes at Paramount Studios to present to the show creator Ryan Murphy.
View from my office at Universal. This is part of the tram tour through "little Europe" where movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" were filmed.
 After working a few days on American Horror Story, I switched gears to help prep and ship out costumes for the indie feature film based on the best selling novel "Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl." Working out of Universal Studios Edith Head costume house, I helped the dynamic designer/assistant duo Jennifer and Moe pick up, prep, and ship out all the costumes for the movie. Since the movie is currently filming in Pittsburgh, we had to hustle to get everything out in time.
 After the indie film, I jumped over to Long Beach to work on a special hurricane series the Weather Channel is putting together called "Hurricane 360." The series will premiere this fall and show reenactments of hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina. We had two film units going from early morning to late evening, and everyone got REAL wet.
 The big rig supplying our hurricane water spray.
 I can ALWAYS find the puppies on set. This is Tater.
I loved this image right before the sun set. Reminds me of something Magritte or Dali would have painted.
Our crew and actors wore wetsuits on set. The water wasn't too warm during the day, and it got much colder at night. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap on Season 4 of Franklin & Bash! Today was my last day of work for the season. 8 days of wrap packing, taping up, and writing inventory on 139 wardrobe boxes. We finally packed up and called it quits. This season was such a blast! Tons of great guest stars walked through our doors in the last few months. My favs of course being Cloris Leachman (!?), Carmen Electra, Mike Tyson, and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters!). We finished the season off with a power episode taking place in "Vegas," or Hollywood Park if you're filming in Los Angeles. Lots of showgirls, bling, and fancy Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana suits :)

Our Vegas Set
Above are a couple showgirl costumes from our final episode. These were worn on the Oscars! 

Saved by the Bell dress up day was my favorite! Here I am channeling my Kelly Kapowski. 

  I hope our show gets picked up again and we get to see these two in action again.
 My second favorite thing about Rodeo Drive is the gems. Here are some giant rocks from Harry Winston and my latest pics from my adventures in Beverly Hills.

Floral jungles at Dior
Sporty gems at Prada
I gotta get my hands on a fringe bag
Neiman Marcus
Mara Hoffman at Saks
 An adorable ALC short jumpsuit at Saks
Um, can't wait to see what Louis Vuitton is dreaming up
Wouldn't you just die to live in a living room by Ralph Lauren?
B&W at RL
Chic Sheaths at Tory Burch
My two favorite colors at Alexander McQueen in Neiman's
Tiny mirror dresses at Tom Ford
Dreaming of a vacation in Hawaii in one of these M Kors dresses
Pearls at Chanel
Gorgeous collar embroidery at Saks
And Fendi take the cake for my favorite window and color of the season

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Halfway Through a Great Season

Most terrifying hug from the strongest man I've met in person
I can't believe we have hit the halfway point in filming season four of Franklin & Bash! Time really does fly when you are working 12+ hours a day and driving around 600 miles a week :) We have had some amazing guest stars (see Mike Tyson above!) and have more great ones to come. We are just about to shoot episode 406 and it should be a good one. LOTS of strippers. Stay tuned for those pictures. And Jane Seymour plays Bash's mom and a sex surrogate. But who can't Jane Seymour play? She's amazing.
Below are more pics of my life on the set as well as some of my favorite window/store displays from my favorite town of Beverly Hills.

 Look! It's my costume dept! Doing what else but a cheer leading pyramid. Duh
Here's our Diner we shoot out back in the parking lot. Not as fun to shoot outside in a Santa Clarita winter.
This was fun to watch. Testing blood shooting out from a guys arm that got ripped off by a zombie in court...Yes, this is a lawyer show.
Our awesome camera guys paid for this delicious ice cream truck to come out for someone's bday.
We have some pretty talented set designers/dressers. This was a Korean Spa set.
More pics of the beach house. On our stage. I just can't get enough of how this really looks like it's on the beach on Malibu on TV.

I can't get enough of a sparkle dress. And this mermaid one from Gucci weighs about 25 pounds.
Ahh Valentino. Wish I could get my hands on an amazing embroidered mini dress and a black fringe bag. A girl can dream...
Givenchy florals at Saks. Yes Please.
Beautiful Missoni bodycon dresses
More from my fav Valentino
Roberto Cavalli. LOVE
The pearl beading on this Alexander McQueen is insane
Yes, I'm obsessed with Valentino