Sunday, March 23, 2014

Halfway Through a Great Season

Most terrifying hug from the strongest man I've met in person
I can't believe we have hit the halfway point in filming season four of Franklin & Bash! Time really does fly when you are working 12+ hours a day and driving around 600 miles a week :) We have had some amazing guest stars (see Mike Tyson above!) and have more great ones to come. We are just about to shoot episode 406 and it should be a good one. LOTS of strippers. Stay tuned for those pictures. And Jane Seymour plays Bash's mom and a sex surrogate. But who can't Jane Seymour play? She's amazing.
Below are more pics of my life on the set as well as some of my favorite window/store displays from my favorite town of Beverly Hills.

 Look! It's my costume dept! Doing what else but a cheer leading pyramid. Duh
Here's our Diner we shoot out back in the parking lot. Not as fun to shoot outside in a Santa Clarita winter.
This was fun to watch. Testing blood shooting out from a guys arm that got ripped off by a zombie in court...Yes, this is a lawyer show.
Our awesome camera guys paid for this delicious ice cream truck to come out for someone's bday.
We have some pretty talented set designers/dressers. This was a Korean Spa set.
More pics of the beach house. On our stage. I just can't get enough of how this really looks like it's on the beach on Malibu on TV.

I can't get enough of a sparkle dress. And this mermaid one from Gucci weighs about 25 pounds.
Ahh Valentino. Wish I could get my hands on an amazing embroidered mini dress and a black fringe bag. A girl can dream...
Givenchy florals at Saks. Yes Please.
Beautiful Missoni bodycon dresses
More from my fav Valentino
Roberto Cavalli. LOVE
The pearl beading on this Alexander McQueen is insane
Yes, I'm obsessed with Valentino

Monday, February 17, 2014

Life on the Los Angeles Highway

The Franklin and Bash Malibu Beach House set in works.
Franklin and Bash Season 4 is off and running with 2 weeks of shooting down. We have been prepping and setting up our offices since mid December and we are finally settling in. As a wardrobe PA on this show, I haven't been around set too much. Most of my days are spent on the highways of Los Angeles doing studio returns and pick-ups and various errands. Luckily for me, LA is having an extremely warm winter and my days are beautiful and sunny. I always said I wanted an office with a window, and now I have 6 large Ford Escape ones!
Below are a few behind the scene pics of our stages in Santa Clarita. 
That's a beautiful Los Angeles backdrop behind the F & B Law Offices
What the outside of the Law Offices look like
Hahaha I love this pic! My co-worker Jinx and I setting up the Wardrobe Gold Room.

If you remember my post back in November, I worked on a pilot for Amazon called "Maker Shack Agency." It finally went live! This is me at the premiere of the show in Hollywood. Here is the link to watch it free on Amazon. PLEASE watch it so it can get picked up! And I can work on it again. I am very proud of it and it's a good show with a great message and inspires children to be innovated.

Oh Chanel, how do I love thee.
While I'm out doing returns and pick ups, I love to snap pics of the inspiring window displays. Here's a few from Rodeo Drive.

Tom Ford, and me in the reflection!
It's the Year of the Horse and Ralph Lauren couldn't be happier
Seeing Red at RL
And bright blues...
And Neons...I think Spring is looking bright

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New Show, New Start!

 As I write my last blog for 2K13, I can't help but feel so lucky and blessed for getting to work in a field I've always wanted to. With each new opportunity, I get to work with more talented and amazing and creative people. And as you can see in the latest addition, each new job is completely different with new challenges to learn but new opportunities for growth. I can't wait to see what 2K14 has in store for this girl on set!
Building the tutu layer by layer
Ever look underneath a tutu? The construction is intense.
Ok, what girl doesn't love a tutu. I've loved them since I was a young ballerina and I loved them when SJP rocked one on Sex and the City.  This November I got a call from my friend and costume designer Marianne Parker, Costume Director of the Los Angeles City Ballet, to come help with the costumes for the classic Nutcracker Ballet.
There was a lot to accomplish in a small amount of time. Repairs, steaming, mending, fittings, and building costumes from the start were just a few of the things to get done. Besides it being pretty magical to work on ballerina costumes, it was a great experience to work on the theatrical side of production.
Actor Dominique Swain
 My next project, "Boudoir," written and directed by Gina Ronhovde, is about a female photographer battling internal demons. Marianne Parker was the costume designer for this also, and the red lingerie she pulled for this couldn't have looked more beautiful on camera. I worked as the set costumer for this short film, and it was one long, exciting, thriller of a day.

Actor Deneen Melody

I mean, how hot is Deneen?

Alaia at Saks 5th Ave
 When I work as an assistant costumer (or wardrobe PA), most of my day to day involves pick ups and returns at any and every mall/store/boutique in Los Angeles. I always like to take quick shots of inspiring displays I see while I'm putting around Beverly Hills.
The Valentino store front on Rodeo
 December brought along the good fortune of a new show! No, it's not "Men at Work," but I am working with the same extremely cool costume designer, Pam Chilton. I booked the TNT show "Franklin and Bash," which will start shooting in January. If you haven't been watching, F&B is on their 4th season and stars Mark Paul Gosselaar as Peter Bash (c'mon Zach Morris!) and Breckin Myer as Jared Franklin (Clueless was my fav but he's been in everything) as two comedic lawyers. Here's a tid-bit from the F & B website: Peter has a knack for connecting with jury and judge, while Jared loves sticking it to authority every chance he gets. Despite their bad-boy antics, brash presentation and devil-may-care attitudes, Jared and Peter are good lawyers who are willing to do anything for a client, no matter who the client might be.
 Stay tuned for pics in 2014! We had one pre-shoot day in an auto garage in Culver City. Here's one of many gorgeous rides that will be featured in the new episode. Happy New Year!

Monday, November 11, 2013

From Set to Set

"The Leatherettes" Our on set bad-ass leather jacket rockin band. We're hardcore.
 October was a great month for this girlonset. The sitcoms were back on after a long summer hiatus and it was great to see my cast and crew family.
Like watching people humiliated nightly on "Hell's Kitchen?" They film directly across the street from us at Entertainment Studios in Culver City. Most beautifully designed set I've seen in awhile. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

 "Bridesmaids" is a top 5 all time favorite movie for me.  At Universal Costume House, they have these sweet still photo gems along the walls.

Like many production gigs, I got a late night call one night to work on a new Pilot from Amazon called "Maker Shack Agency." What a treat! Such a talented cast and crew. It would be a dream if this got picked up as a series and I got a chance to come back. The storyline is about two brainy high school boys that dream up crafty inventions in their garage to help out kids that get bullied at school. The costume designer was Stacy Caballero, super famous and very sweet.

The day before shooting started, we had to "age" a lot of the wardrobe to make it look worn. Fun playing with dirt and paint. 

 The art dept busy dreaming up the Shack.

From Left: Kalama Epstein, CJ, Ashlie, Kenny Ridwan, and Greg Freeman

 How cute are these kids?! Some of the cast here getting ready for the Talent Show scene. They came from all over the states for this pilot and were so professional and on point. I do not miss high school, but I miss being this young...
Gianna LaPera and Alexis Wilkins
 Two of the gorgeous, popular "Tone Cold Fox" girl singers.

 Joanna's successful car salesman dad Burt is played by the hilarious Matt Corboy. He was such a trooper eating mushroom after mushroom off his tie in this scene. Best part was he hates mushrooms.

 After working on the pilot, I had some time off. I checked out the loyalist private opening of the new Bloomingdale's at the Glendale Galleria. WOW. They do speak fashion. The women's shoe section alone took up half of an entire floor. I know where I'll be spending my free time.