Monday, February 17, 2014

Life on the Los Angeles Highway

The Franklin and Bash Malibu Beach House set in works.
Franklin and Bash Season 4 is off and running with 2 weeks of shooting down. We have been prepping and setting up our offices since mid December and we are finally settling in. As a wardrobe PA on this show, I haven't been around set too much. Most of my days are spent on the highways of Los Angeles doing studio returns and pick-ups and various errands. Luckily for me, LA is having an extremely warm winter and my days are beautiful and sunny. I always said I wanted an office with a window, and now I have 6 large Ford Escape ones!
Below are a few behind the scene pics of our stages in Santa Clarita. 
That's a beautiful Los Angeles backdrop behind the F & B Law Offices
What the outside of the Law Offices look like
Hahaha I love this pic! My co-worker Jinx and I setting up the Wardrobe Gold Room.

If you remember my post back in November, I worked on a pilot for Amazon called "Maker Shack Agency." It finally went live! This is me at the premiere of the show in Hollywood. Here is the link to watch it free on Amazon. PLEASE watch it so it can get picked up! And I can work on it again. I am very proud of it and it's a good show with a great message and inspires children to be innovated.

Oh Chanel, how do I love thee.
While I'm out doing returns and pick ups, I love to snap pics of the inspiring window displays. Here's a few from Rodeo Drive.

Tom Ford, and me in the reflection!
It's the Year of the Horse and Ralph Lauren couldn't be happier
Seeing Red at RL
And bright blues...
And Neons...I think Spring is looking bright