Sunday, March 23, 2014

Halfway Through a Great Season

Most terrifying hug from the strongest man I've met in person
I can't believe we have hit the halfway point in filming season four of Franklin & Bash! Time really does fly when you are working 12+ hours a day and driving around 600 miles a week :) We have had some amazing guest stars (see Mike Tyson above!) and have more great ones to come. We are just about to shoot episode 406 and it should be a good one. LOTS of strippers. Stay tuned for those pictures. And Jane Seymour plays Bash's mom and a sex surrogate. But who can't Jane Seymour play? She's amazing.
Below are more pics of my life on the set as well as some of my favorite window/store displays from my favorite town of Beverly Hills.

 Look! It's my costume dept! Doing what else but a cheer leading pyramid. Duh
Here's our Diner we shoot out back in the parking lot. Not as fun to shoot outside in a Santa Clarita winter.
This was fun to watch. Testing blood shooting out from a guys arm that got ripped off by a zombie in court...Yes, this is a lawyer show.
Our awesome camera guys paid for this delicious ice cream truck to come out for someone's bday.
We have some pretty talented set designers/dressers. This was a Korean Spa set.
More pics of the beach house. On our stage. I just can't get enough of how this really looks like it's on the beach on Malibu on TV.

I can't get enough of a sparkle dress. And this mermaid one from Gucci weighs about 25 pounds.
Ahh Valentino. Wish I could get my hands on an amazing embroidered mini dress and a black fringe bag. A girl can dream...
Givenchy florals at Saks. Yes Please.
Beautiful Missoni bodycon dresses
More from my fav Valentino
Roberto Cavalli. LOVE
The pearl beading on this Alexander McQueen is insane
Yes, I'm obsessed with Valentino