Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life on Set

I work on two hilarious sitcoms produced by Byron Allen, "Mr. Box Office" and "The First Family." Unless you are inside at home on Saturday afternoons watching KTLA, you will miss these two gems. Set your DVR's if you find that you like to enjoy the fresh air on your weekends and you won't be disappointed. The picture above was shot from "The First Family" and stars Jackee Harry, Christopher Duncan, John Witherspoon, and Kellita Smith. The kids are great on this show too and I wouldn't be surprised if they all go on to be big stars.

Look Mom! That's me! Credits on "The First Family"

Me destructing a giant pink dress worn by Jackee during a flashback wedding episode for "The First Family."

This photo may be my profile picture, but I feel it needs some explaining. That cute little pup with the overbite is non other than Jerry Bruckheimer, Jon Lovitz adorable dog. He likes to run between the wardrobe and make up rooms saying hi to everyone.
Jon Lovitz stars on the other sitcom I work on "Mr. Box Office." This show has a great cast including Vivica Fox, Bill Bellamy, Tim Meadows, Essence Atkins, and more.


  1. o m g i love fashion too. but i started when i was nine hey wait i am nine!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!

  2. and guess what i am her first person ti give her a comment. your welcome!!!!!! lol!!!!!!1 and you guys are totes to the rude!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!