Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in Action

Video Village on the set of Mr. Box Office
 The last few weeks have been fun and challenging. The fun part of course being that I have an awesome job doing what I've always wanted. The challenging part of production is going on a long hiatus. A two week break turned into 4 weeks. Restful yes, but not exactly profitable.

 Before we went on break, we had the privilege of working with basketball phenom Metta World Peace! He was a pleasure to work with and so nice to all that asked for pictures with him.

Layla Crawford and Sade Kimora Young
We're back now and have had some amazing episodes including a "honey boo boo" esq episode for The First Family. Costume designs created by the incredibly talented and lovely Maurnie Isaacs.

Goofballs and comedians Tony Roberts, Jon Lovitz. Bill Bellamy, and Jeff Garcia from Mr. Box Office make going to work daily a blast.

The hilarious Tom Arnold was our special guest this week on The First Family, acting as Vice President Crandall. Posed here with one of my all-time favorite actors John Witherspoon.

 Also this week, the beautiful Miss Vivica A. Fox had a birthday on set. Happy Birthday Vivica!

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