Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GirlonSet in San Diego: La Migra the movie

This wooden cross looks out to Chula Vista with the fence right behind
 September was quite a month! I got the opportunity to work on my first film, La Migra, written and directed by Mark Maine. The story takes place in San Diego near the Mexican border, and that is where we spent 4 weeks filming. The movie stars Michael Copon (Scorpion King, One Tree Hill) as Border Patrol Agent Diego Chavez and Antoinette Kalaj (Pirates of the Caribbean, Don Jon, Riddick) as Natalie from his youth. "A childhood crush defines these two from a border town. Romance blossoms as they stand on opposite sides of the law. They strive to untangle the web that threatens their romance and lives..."

Border Patrol Agent Rico E. Anderson (Agent Maloney) and DEA Agent Doug Olsson (Agent Navarro) with me at Imperial Beach.

 The fence that divides us...only goes about 50 feet into the Pacific Ocean.

At the end of our first week, we shot at Chicano Park, literally underneath the Coronado Bay 75 hwy. Above are Aztec dancers that made a special performance for us. 

 This Mariachi Band was awesome!! I don't know how hot is was that day, but it was too hot to be wearing all that gear.

 The artwork all around Chicano Park is beautiful.

 Seriously?! How cute is this Pomeranian named Leo. He unfortunately is not in the movie, but Boo ain't got nothing on this cutie. He just cruises in his convertible blasting Daft Punk being adorable. Yes, he has a Costco card and a Driver's License. And he will give you kisses for free.

 This was in downtown SD in front of Whiskey Girl Bar. Our car crash grew quite a crowd.

 Our third week of filming landed us at the old Caltrans building in Old Town. This little peanut is Nikki Soohoo who plays Officer Tracy and a love interest of Diego's. Michael Copon working that BP uniform.

 Here is the stunning and super sweet Antoinette Kalaj shooting on green screen for the movie poster. I had the privilege working with Costume Designer Marianne Parker on this independent film. She created so many great looks with such limited time and money.  Jumpsuit from the store Flashbacks.

 Our master Set Designers and Prop Master created this insane "underground tunnel" Agent Chavez crawls through to search for illegals.

 Make-up and I dirty up Michael for the tunnel scene. Trying not to jack up his microphone...

 At the end of our third week and beginning of our forth, we got to shoot on the beach in breathtaking Ocean Beach.

 Antoinette in one of her date looks. Dress: Bebe; Jacket and shoes: Zara; Purse from Flashbacks, who graciously lended us clothes!

 View from the condo we shot in.

 Our last week of shooting was bittersweet. It was hard to say goodbye to a great cast and awesome crew. Easy to say goodbye to 4:30am wake up calls! Here's Nikki and I at a cemetery near downtown. 

 Antoinette posing in front of one of her high end cars, a Shelby Cobra Mustang. This was shot in Natalie's childhood neighborhood.
Jacket: Bebe; Shoes: Zara; Dress: Can't remember! But we ordered it online from China.

 Can't quite compare this picture of me posing in front of the Shelby Cobra with Antoinette's.

The End! With Michael and Antoinette. These two make a beautiful movie couple. I will miss them and hope to work on many more projects with them. La Migra is set to be released in Spring 2014.


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