Monday, November 11, 2013

From Set to Set

"The Leatherettes" Our on set bad-ass leather jacket rockin band. We're hardcore.
 October was a great month for this girlonset. The sitcoms were back on after a long summer hiatus and it was great to see my cast and crew family.
Like watching people humiliated nightly on "Hell's Kitchen?" They film directly across the street from us at Entertainment Studios in Culver City. Most beautifully designed set I've seen in awhile. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

 "Bridesmaids" is a top 5 all time favorite movie for me.  At Universal Costume House, they have these sweet still photo gems along the walls.

Like many production gigs, I got a late night call one night to work on a new Pilot from Amazon called "Maker Shack Agency." What a treat! Such a talented cast and crew. It would be a dream if this got picked up as a series and I got a chance to come back. The storyline is about two brainy high school boys that dream up crafty inventions in their garage to help out kids that get bullied at school. The costume designer was Stacy Caballero, super famous and very sweet.

The day before shooting started, we had to "age" a lot of the wardrobe to make it look worn. Fun playing with dirt and paint. 

 The art dept busy dreaming up the Shack.

From Left: Kalama Epstein, CJ, Ashlie, Kenny Ridwan, and Greg Freeman

 How cute are these kids?! Some of the cast here getting ready for the Talent Show scene. They came from all over the states for this pilot and were so professional and on point. I do not miss high school, but I miss being this young...
Gianna LaPera and Alexis Wilkins
 Two of the gorgeous, popular "Tone Cold Fox" girl singers.

 Joanna's successful car salesman dad Burt is played by the hilarious Matt Corboy. He was such a trooper eating mushroom after mushroom off his tie in this scene. Best part was he hates mushrooms.

 After working on the pilot, I had some time off. I checked out the loyalist private opening of the new Bloomingdale's at the Glendale Galleria. WOW. They do speak fashion. The women's shoe section alone took up half of an entire floor. I know where I'll be spending my free time.


  1. pics are so nice, so possitive! I like the "maker shack agency" the most... but others are cool too

  2. wow I could look at your blog all day. I love seeing all the "behind the scenes" photos!

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